Sustainability: An Emerging Consumer Trend

Nearly all topics in this blog series have been Millennial driven – convenience, online experience, holistic health, social responsibility and our final trend is no exception. Sustainability, as it relates to packaging in the alcohol beverage industry, is at the forefront of standards among 25 to 40 year old wine drinkers.

Alternative packaging is breaking historical norms in the wine industry specifically. Single serve cans and bagged or boxed wine options are being accepted as less taboo as more people are drinking wine at home surrounded by close friends and family. Consumers praise these innovative methods for their casual presence, portability and on-the-go usage but they also deserve credit for their eco-friendly nature.
Sustainability | Bagged wine begin poured into a cup.
Alyssa L. Ochs of Grapevine Magazine notes that “many alternatives weigh less, don’t break as easily and produce fewer greenhouse gases than traditional bottles.”

Millennial consumers value environmental sustainability in package design when making a purchase, which is driving many wine brands to shift their approach to make their products more accessible to the younger drinker.

According to President and CEO of EcoFocus, Linda Gilbert, “Millennials have taken the lead on the sustainable packaging conversation with the expectation that brand owners will do their part to deliver eco-friendly solutions.”

As the more selective and opinionated Millennial attitude places value on the lifecycle of a product’s packaging, businesses will need to differentiate themselves and align with those values to stay relevant. As these brands begin to share priorities with their consumers, perceptions in the industry will shift and create a new level of open-mindedness as to what quality wine can look like.

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